I had a good experience with letting people stay at my guest house. It was good to host them and it felt satisfying when they left a good review and also recommended my place to their friends and family. Most of the guests we deal with are with families. Guests had a great and relaxing time at my cottage in Hunza and they had a great view of the snow-covered mountain peaks. The location is ideal as it is close to Karimabad bazaar as it is on walking distance and there are also ATMs and departmental stores near the place. I had a great time hosting a couple at my place and making sure they have a comfortable stay. They communicated their needs to me and I was able to take care of everything. They were staying at my place in Murree and I even helped them to find good restaurants and shopping places near the location. It was the first time visiting northern areas and mountains and they left with smiles on their faces. It felt really amazing to be able to experience that moment and also make some money off it too. I hope to host other guests too in the same manner and contribute to their happiness and peace. I hosted a guest in winters in my place at Skardu. I made sure to provide heating in his room and extra blankets so he could feel warm and get the feeling of being at home. It felt good to be able to share the space with someone and help in their time of need. Hosting someone is a great way to make some extra income and also do a good deed to others who need a secure and clean place to stay. I am glad that I am able to give people a place to stay that they feel comfortable at. We are a couple hosting guests at our place. We already loved having people over at our house and it is a great thing to be able to rent out one of our rooms to travelers or just someone who needs a quiet place in Islamabad. We try our best to provide all the modern amenities at our place so our guests leave with a good experience and so they can suggest our place to other people too. We are always happy to go the extra mile to make our guests enjoy their stay and to help to discover the neighborhood or the city if they are traveling. I myself have been a traveler and always look for safe places to stay at. That is why my guest house has been a haven for the weary travelers and people who are searching for affordable and clean places. I am grateful that so far, my experience of hosting guests has been positive and they have always respected the house rules and any instructions that I gave them. In return, we have always given them extra support and facilities to make their stay memorable. It truly is a blessing to host people into your house and help them when they are clueless about the city and need a friend in need.