Guest Responsibilities

Guest and Host provides you with a traveling experience of your lifetime – but it is also important to be a courteous guest to show gratitude towards your host. Here are a set of guidelines you can follow.

When reaching out to us

  • Make sure to provide your exact requirements so you can be assisted in a better way
  • Provide your authentic contact details, such as your updated phone number and real name
  • Ask your questions or reach out to the host with your concerns
  • If you have further queries, chat with them
  • Before your trip
  • Make sure to check if you have booked the right deal and whether it fits your needs
  • Stay in touch with your host and let them know of your expectations and specific needs
  • Update them of your arrival or of possible delays in check-in

During your trip

  • Show punctuality- Arrive for check-in at the decided time and check-out on time
  • Follow house rules and ask host before inviting people over
  • Explore the restaurants and places nearby you by asking your host for recommendations
  • If you are unsure about a certain policy or rule, then ask your host about it
  • Politeness goes a long way; so make sure to be courteous with your communication

After your trip

  • Leave an honest review so it can help other customers to find their suitable match
  • Be generous with the praises if you liked the place and make sure to describe the good stuff in detail. In case of a negative experience, you can elaborate on how the host can make it better and what work needs to be done.