Host Responsibilites

Hosting on Guest and Host

Being a host is an exciting experience yet a great responsibility. To make your guest feel at home and provide them best experience we have mentioned some guidelines for hosting on Guest and Host.

Show your place off

Renting your home starts from listing your place so be careful while uploading pictures. Take some fine pictures to impress your guests but choose the right picture of the room you are renting out. Don’t show the room you aren’t renting out because it can affect your image negatively.

Health and Hygiene

Health always comes first and to ensure this taking care of cleanliness and hygiene is really important. Clean your home well and disinfect everything which will come in contact with the guests. Disinfect the room immediately when your guest leaves.


Living a safe and secure life is every individual’s right. Please be mindful about your guest’s safety by providing them with every possible facility. Make sure you provide all the emergency contact info to the guest including the nearest hospital. Provide your easily accessible contact so the guests can contact you if they have questions or any issue arises. Make sure you have a first aid kit easily available at your home. Ensure the proper fire prevention measures at your home and meet all the government safety guidelines. Make sure you provide a fire extinguisher and complete maintenance of the wires and electrical appliances. Guide your guest about the emergency exits if there are any. Notify your guests of all the hazards so they avoid any inconvenience. Make sure your place is safe for kids.

Respect their privacy

Respecting someone’s privacy is one of the basic human rights. Be very mindful of your guest’s privacy. Make them aware of all the security cameras or other surveillance devices. Make sure you know all the local and international laws. Make sure your ventilators and heaters are functional so that guests avoid any kind of climate sensitiveness. Educate your guest about the safe use of heaters.

House rules

Be mindful about the comfort of your neighbors and remind the guests not to bother your neighbors. Specify the smoking areas if you don’t allow smoking inside the room. We suggest you to post the signs where you don’t allow smoking. Keep ashtrays on the designated areas. Ensure you set rules for parking areas Remind your guests to keep the noise down. It’s up to you whether you allow pets, babies or parties. Make clear rules about the people invited by your guests. If you allow pets, make sure you notify your guests about the rules you have set for the pets and cleanings. Make sure the pets don’t disturb your neighbors. It’s your home so you should have your own rules set. Nobody is responsible for setting rules for your own home.